Give Your Car the Ultimate Protective Coating

We offer paint protection film in Bow, Hooksett and Concord, NH

After investing in your personal vehicle or a commercial fleet, the last thing you want to see are scratches or paint chips on your car. Fortunatley, T.K.O. Detailing has the perfect preventive measure. We apply paint protection film (PPF) in Bow, Hooksett and Concord, NH. This transparent film will cover your vehicle's exterior, making it resistant to chemicals, UV rays and extreme weather. It'll even add some extra shine!

Schedule a paint protection film application before dirt, brine, bugs or birds can damage your car's paint job. Paint protection film can even safeguard your vehicle from road debris. Don't spend another day driving without PPF - call 603-657-4557 now.

Discover our paint protection film packages

T.K.O. Detailing offers four basic PPF packages, so you can choose the right one for your needs, vehicle and budget. Choose from our:

  • Basic package: Covers the partial hood and partial fender.
  • Partial front package: Covers 24'' of the hood and fenders, the entire painted front bumper and the backs of painted mirrors.
  • Full front package: Covers the entire hood and fenders, the backs of painted mirrors and the entire painted front bumper.
  • Ultimate package: Covers the entire car, including headlights.

You can also choose one of the first three packages and add coverage to headlights, luggage bumper, door edges, door cups and rocker panels as an add-on option.