Protect Your Car's Finish

Partner with our ceramic coating installer sering Bow, Hooksett & Concord, NH

Over time, the elements will take their toll on your vehicle's exterior. But you can extend the life of your finish by having a ceramic coating installed. T.K.O. Detailing is a ceramic coating installer serving customers in Bow, Concord, NH and the surrounding area. Our ceramic coatings will make your car look shiny and new. They will also protect your paint from the elements and make your car easier to wash. You'll be impressed by the difference a ceramic coating can make to your ride.

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3 things to know about protective coatings

Before you arrange for a ceramic coating, you may want to know more about us and our process. Check out these facts before making your appointment:

  • We can apply a one-, three- or five-year coating
  • We're certified P&S Professional Detail Product installers
  • Our ceramic coatings won't damage your car's paint job

If you still have questions, contact us today. We'll be happy to answer them.